Perceptions and Practice – A Survey of Risk Managers’ Observations on Provider-Patient Communications Practices


ASHRM Annual Conference October 7-10, 2012 – Washington, DC


Timothy Kelly, MS, MBA, Dialog Medical, a Standard Register Healthcare Company     Fay Rozovsky, JD, MPH, The Rozovsky Group, Inc./RMS
A survey was conducted of attendees at the 2011 ASHRM Conference.  Attendees were asked a series of questions and attendees provided anonymous responses using an electronic audience polling system.  Although 90% of survey participants believed that informed consent was either a significant factor or a contributing factor in avoiding wrong-patient/wrong-procedure/wrong-site surgery, practices that may improve the informed consent process are not being employed to that same level.  In terms of the provision of patient education materials, discharge instructions are employed more commonly than are pre-procedure instructions.  The opportunity exists for Risk Managers to encourage more widespread adoption of provider-patient communications practices – practices which may enhance safety and improve clinical outcomes.


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