The “Green” Side of Patient Safety


IHI National Forum December 9-12, 2012 – Orlando, FL


Laurie Blum-Eisa, RN, BSN,* John Ptak, LCSW,* Michael James, MSCIS*
*Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Chicago
Preparing critical patient communication documents, such as informed consent forms and pre- and post-procedure instructions, using an electronic process offers significant patient safety benefits.  Those benefits include:  standardizing best-practice communications across all providers and locations within an enterprise and ensuring that legible copies of critical documents are always instantly accessible to all providers across the care continuum.  A very unique benefit of automating the preparation of these documents is that paperless systems by their nature eliminate both the cost and the environmental consequences associated with document scanning.  In this poster, the Department of Veterans Affairs documents the saving of over 1,600 trees on an annual basis due the electronic processing of over 3.5 million multi-page forms and documents.

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