Challenged by the CMS Requirements for Informed Consent? Ensure Compliance with Healthcare’s Most Complex Documentation


Taylor Healthcare Compliance Update Webinar (March 16, 2017) Presentation by Timothy Kelly, MS, MBA


Understanding and complying with the Hospital Interpretive Guidelines for Informed Consent presents a challenge for many healthcare organizations. This webinar reviews the CMS guidelines exploring both the minimum required elements that must be present on the signed consent, as well as the supplemental information that should be included on a well-designed informed consent form.

The session also addresses common issues related to the informed consent process, including:

  • OR start time delays that result from lost or misplaced consents
  • Optimal geographic areas to obtain and document informed consent
  • Best-practices for the employing the consent during the pre-procedure verification
  • Strategies for documenting consent for multiple procedures and for concurrent surgeries

Attendees to this webinar are presented with the informed consent policy employed by a 150-hospital healthcare system – a best-practice policy that serves seven million patients each year.

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