Comments From Users

“I have found the program invaluable to my practice. I can hardly imagine functioning without it!! The program increases my efficiency, heightens the professional import of my office, and I’m certain decreases the chance of medical liability and adverse outcomes by facilitating communication. I believe that practicing urologists are making a mistake if they don’t avail themselves of this wonderful practice tool! It is both affordable and very simple to use, even for the computer neophyte.”

David Sule, M.D. Valdosta, GA

“The Dialog Medical program has been an incredible tool in my practice. In a matter of days we realized that the savings of time and the improvement in patient education and compliance exceeded my greatest expectations.”

David Mobley, M.D. Houston, TX

“I feel that this program sets the ‘Standard of Care’ for informed consent in Urology.”

Gary C. Linn, M.D., Brick, NJ

“Our practice has been using the Urology Discussion software for several years and found it to be very helpful to our patients who appreciate material which can be easily reviewed at home after an office visit. This sort of information may also contribute to improving the efficiency of running the average urology practice.”

Leonard Shaker, M.D. Springfield, MA

“Very happy with it. One of the best investments we have made for our practice”

Jon Curry, M.D. Grand Rapids, MI

“Discussion has been an invaluable aid in assuring adequate patient understanding in an efficient manner”

David Lamb, M.D. Lexington, SC

“Your permits keep the defense lawyers happy!”

John Franz, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA.

“I just wanted to thank you for making my practice that much more risk protected, because of these procedure oriented consents – Thanks again”

Satish Karnik, M.D. New Orleans, LA.

“I wanted to let you know how helpful the Urology Discussion computer program has been to our clinic. The consents, educational material and patient information about various tests have eliminated our need to create these on our own. The fact that these were all developed by physicians makes them right on the money and even though we have the capability to modify in the computer program, very little of that is necessary. Thanks again for providing something we very much needed.”

Kathy Lachenmyer, R.N. The Emory Clinic, Atlanta, GA

“Having had a while to play with OBGYN Resource has made me realize that I have not wasted my money in choosing this program. Is there anyone in South Africa who represents you — maybe I should consider an agency!”

Theo Katzeff, M.D. Olivedale, South Africa

“Great format to generate handouts on complicated as well as common urologic conditions. Terrific office forms! Patients comment on the professional appearance and customization of our documents from Urology Discussion”

Mark Saslawsky, M.D. Memphis, TN.

“Resource provides uniformity and consistency in our patient education and information. Patients often comment on the helpfulness and easy-to-understand nature of the documents.”

William Glover, M.D. Fairfax, VA.

“I can say without hesitation that it has been a very good program and we use it constantly in the office and hospital.”

F.J. Graffagnino, M.D. Houma, LA.

“Excellent patient info – I use this more than 20 times a day! Comments from patients have been all positive. Good, up-to-date instructions”

“Excellent product. Best on the market. Keep up the good work”

John Kishel, M.D. Laurel, MD.

“Excellent for day-to-day use of office practices. Patients are most impressed. They comment that they are pleased and informed with the information.”

George Suarez, M.D. Miami, FL.

“Our office uses your program on a daily basis. Many of our chart forms come from your program. They help organize our patient information in the chart. Our practice has benefited from your program in many ways and we highly recommend its use to other practices”

Sydney Reidel Coral Springs, FL.

“The Dialog Medical program has been a tremendous addition to our office education program. Our patients appreciate being given medical information and it is most cost-effective.”

Peter W. Bergreen, M.D. Eugene, OR

“I fully expected these documents to require a post-graduate education for comprehension, but they are surprisingly clear and straightforward. ”

“The ability to include directions to an X-ray department or nutrition counselor is especially valuable given all the different programs we must use with managed care.”

“The Dialog Medical people have produced a patient education system that would improve any urologic practice.”

“The pricing policy makes this program very cheap for larger practices. In fact, non-urologists who want a program to organize their own practice documents couldn’t find a better solution”

Medical Software Reviews, in a review of Urology Discussion v 1.6, 1995

“Nice Software”

Mark Ottelin, M.D. Greensborough, NC


Gias Lindsay, M.D. Brooklyn, NY

“Excellent resource material. We find it very useful”

Susanne Talerian, CCS Fairfax, VA


Sarah Girardi, M.D. New York, NY

“An excellent program.”

Marc Blasser, M.D. Orange Park, FL

“It is a great tool and good for patient education.”

Stephen Auerbach, M.D. Newport Beach, CA

“Very good. Saves time and patients like it.”

Ramon U. Suarez, M.D., Lebanon, PA

“We love it. It is one of our most helpful tools!”

Seattle, WA

“We have it on our Citrix network and physicians and staff use it often. Exceptional tool!”

Denver, CO

“It is fantastic!”

Daniel M. Brown, M.D., Dallas, TX

“Urology Discussion is the best resource we have found for patient information and forms.”

Raymond W. Hillyard Jr., M.D., Winchester, VA