Government Technology Solutions to support our Veterans, Troops, Indian Health Service and their families.

Taylor Healthcare understands the complexity and nuance of patient care, satisfaction and the importance of engaging the patient throughout their healthcare experience. The iMedConsent Solution provides a platform to help clinicians provide easily understood and well documented information for over 4,000 surgical/medical procedures quickly and consistently every time.

From simple immunization consents to open heart surgery, the iMedConsent Solution has the information to help patients understand the procedure, the benefits, potential risks, any alternatives and what might happen if the procedure is declined. Accompanied by education documents, instructions and anatomical images, the clinician now has a one-stop solution to help the patient understand a pending procedure, prepare for it and recover as quickly as possible.

For over 15 years, the iMedConsent Solution has provided solutions for the Federal Government, assisting patients understand pending procedures, and the technology to help create a paper-free environment for our hospitals. The iMedConsent Solution interfaces to the Electronic Health Record to access Patient and Provider data, captures signatures when and where it’s convenient for all and saves those documents to the archive system. The result is better patient satisfaction, increased partnership in post-surgery recovery and the elimination of missing or incomplete documents.

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