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iMedConsent™ PE Application
The iMedConsent™ PE application is a web-based software tool that standardizes and automates the informed consent process. Procedure-specific consent forms are produced from a comprehensive library of informed consent documents that detail the treatments contemplated by individual patients. Accessible from all internet-connected computers within a practice, this resource also includes patient education documents, common forms for use in the practice, information sheets for prescription and over-the-counter medications, and an extensive image gallery. The iMedConsent™ PE application aids with the communication and documentation of all aspects of the shared decision-making process. The iMedConsent™ application is also available in versions that meet the needs of hospitals and large, multi-specialty group practices.

In one study of urology patients, 96% preferred this electronic informed consent solution to the traditional informed consent process (Issa MM, et al. J Urology, 176:694-699, 2006). Use of the iMedConsent™ PE application also:

* Reduces medical malpractice risk
* Aids in patient understanding and compliance with instructions
* Enhances safety when consents documenting patient, procedure, and surgical site are verified during the time-out
* Ensures Joint Commission and CMS compliance

Special Offer for AUA Members
Taylor Healthcare is an Affinity Partner of the American Urological Association and thus offers the web-based iMedConsent™ PE application to AUA members at a 20% discount. The discount will apply both to new orders and to annual subscription renewal rates. Discounts to be computed automatically at the time of purchase. Please see the AUA Member Price List for complete details.

The iMedConsent™ PE application features:

* A customizable, practice-specific informed consent template
* Unique user ID’s for all physicians and assistive personnel within a practice
* A complete library of Spanish language clinical content

This comprehensive tool includes an exhaustive library of:

* Detailed, procedure-specific consent forms
* Patient education documents
* Pre- and post-procedure instructions
* Anatomical images and diagrams
* Prescription drug and OTC medication monographs

Product History
For over 15 years the iMedConsent™ PE application or its precursor versions has been the standard of care for informed consent for thousands of physicians. Many of those providers have volunteered testimonials.